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Exceptional Care for Your Furry Friend

We Treat Your Pets As If They Were Our Own

Golden Paw Spa is a pet grooming spa designed to provide great service and pet care solutions for your busy lifestyle. We treat your pets with love and devotion as if they were our own. As a small family owned business, we believe you should spend time enjoying your dog while we take care of the bathing and haircuts. If your little companion spends a day with us not only will he or she look better but feel better as well. At our grooming facility you will find everything you need to take care of your pet, including great supplies, natural treats, and our certified pet grooming! Feel free to contact us any time! We can schedule an appointment for you, even during off - hours!

Our Services

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Full Groom

  • Includes all of the following services:

    • Full Bath

    • Blow Dry

    • Brush Out

    • Nail Trimming

    • Ear Cleaning

    • Full Haircut

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  • Are you tired of buying lint rollers? Bring your pet to Golden Paw Spa and our certified staff will brush out all the tangles, remove all the messy bits, and well have your pet sleek and shiny all for a small and reasonable price!

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Brush Teeth

  • Keeping your pet's teeth clean and healthy is not only very important but can be a challenge as well. Pet owners are responsible for regularly maintaining their pets oral hygiene. Regular Teeth Brushing can be critical to maintaining gum health and eliminating any bad odor caused by bacteria or food bits. At Golden Paw Spa we will make sure your pets teeth shine and sparkle!

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Bath and Brush

  • Includes all of the following services:

    • Bath

    • Blow Dry

    • Brush Out

    • Nails Trimming

    • Ear Cleaning

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Nail Clipping

  • Nail trimming needs to be performed by a trained professional to avoid any injuries to your beloved pet. A fully certified and well trained groomer can save you the stress and trouble of having your pets nails cut at home. To avoid injury to your loved ones don't hesitate to bring him or her in to Golden Paw Spa and have us do it for you!

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Ear Cleaning

  • Dirty ears can lead to serious infections of the inner ear canal which can potentially lead to your pet losing its hearing. Keeping your pets ears clean with special medication and antibacterial solutions regularly will greatly reduce the risks of infection. Ear cleaning procedure can also include plucking out ear hair that can potentially trap harmful debris in your dogs ears.


About Us

Our star groomer, Anna, is a certified dog and cat groomer as well as a certified grooming teacher with years of professional experience, beginning her career locally in Central Jersey and eventually earning grooming managerial positions at major pet grooming salons before starting one of her own. Anna brings her warm personality and professionalism to her salon to make sure customers feel confident about leaving their special pet in her hands. Anna is proficient in all-breed and mixed breed grooming. Keep up with this page for any new photos of our satisfied customers and the quality of our work. Or follow us on social media @goldenpawspa on instagram and facebook!

Our Happy Clients 😊❤️

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The workers at golden Paw are very polite! They took good care of our little one! They know how to work with dogs.

This is definitely my go to place from now on!

At the end they gave Rosie and bow and she was so happy and excited! I think she will enjoy grooming process every time!

Worth the price! Easy and fast !!!

Thank you Golden Paw Crew 😇

Anastasiya B.

"We take our 90 lb Pitbull Rocky to Golden Paw for his mani pedi about every 2 months. He is not dog friendly. Anna goes out of her way to find an appointment time for him when there aren't a lot of dogs there. She is very patient with him, and Rocky loves her! We wouldn't take him anywhere else!!"

"What a great place! I called ahead of time to reserve a spot on Saturday and could not be happier with the work! They did exactly what I asked them to do which is always a pet peeve of mine at other places. Not too short but not too long. I have two shelties and they take a LOT of brushing at home so I prefer shorter length of hair but not overly short. 

I Would Recommend based on the following.

. The place is very clean which is huge bonus
. Easy booking on Saturdays as I work late weekdays
. High quality groom and bath - Groomers took their time
<3<3 Prince and Mayya :)"

Stacy D.

Opening Hours

Tue - Sat: 10:30am - 6pm Sun -Mon: Closed

Contact Us

If you have any questions, need any sort of advice, or assistance, you have multiple ways of getting in touch with our team of professional groomers.

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